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If you have work available on other websites that you'd like to release on Channillo, you must first remove it from those other sites. Channillo is a platform for writers in a wide variety of genres. Do we need more series in the category.

Channillo will be responsible for all of the operating costs of the site including development, hosting, maintenance, customer service, etc. Can I release a series of book chapters on Channillo for a book that I've already self-published.

You basically just have to show that you have a solid idea, and you can get accepted. Have you ever considered using it as a platform to nurture authors by connecting them with editors or reviewers.

What do hope Channillo will look like 5 years from now. It was a pleasant surprise to see a number of writers enthusiastic about sharing their work for a good cause.


I made it up. You can find investigative journalist, media critique, and personal experience-style columns as well as poetry and short story collections. We want to work with and not against other publishers to help talented authors meet their goals.

Also, on my Firefox browser, when I was trying to sign up for the site, it was giving me a warning message about the site not being properly registered with them and that I should be wary. Yes, as long as the book is not available digitally for free and you own the rights to it.

I know a lot of people who would be happy to pay to read my book, but some of them are not avid enough readers to want to pay to keep up with a bunch of different stories at once.

The concept is fairly simple: True, I make way more than that off my professional writing projects. Writers not interested in earning may elect to have the money donated directly to a charity of their choice. Serialization can be great way to garner new attention for a book that has been published in the past, or to create buzz and gain fans for a book that will be released in the future.

We currently don't have the resources to run and monitor a multilingual site. A writer may cancel a series and remove their work from Channillo at any time. Not All is Golden: Be the original work of the writer plagiarism will not be tolerated Be legally owned by the writer Not currently be available for free anywhere else on the Internet Not contain erotica Not be overly promotional Be written in the English language -Any content published that is in violation of these rules will be removed from Channillo, and the series may be suspended or canceled.

Where can I start writing books online? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 13 Answers. Unlike other options on this list Channillo requires you to purchase a subscription and you also need to get accepted as a writer to start publishing.

What outcome are you after by writing a book this way? Views. Charlotte Henley Babb, Secondary. In fact, any writer can create a Channillo profile for this purpose, even if they don’t currently have a series running on Channillo.

In addition, we often allow writers to serialize a book that is being published in another format elsewhere as long as it’s not available for free. Channillo is a digital publishing platform for writers interested in releasing an ongoing series of work to loyal readers.

Such work may include short stories, essays, columns, book chapters, journals, and poetry. New work may be released anywhere from daily to quarterly depending on the series. When I was first Continue reading Serialized Literature is Back with Channillo.

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Channillo: A Digital Publishing Platform for Writers

The Musings of a Freelance Manuscript Editor and Ghostwriter mostly dabbling in fantasy, mystery, and horror. I'm also a full-time freelancer specializing in book manuscripts, both writing them and editing them. View. I'd like to make this a long term relationship with Channillo.

If you have a book or story in mind that you enjoyed, let me know and I'll prioritize my posting list. Have a Blessed Day. Happy Reading! Vicki M. Taylor. Posted by Writing Coach, Mental Health Advocate, and creative writing workshop presenter, Vicki M.

Taylor has filled her. /r/fantasywriters - A fantasy-focused writing subreddit. I've just started publishing on there authors on Channillo. See, I'm self published through Amazon's KDP and Smashwords but I don't mind providing my book through Channillo for the readers already there.

Channillo has become a way for me to expand my reach a little bit more.

Serialized Literature is Back with Channillo Channillo writing a book
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